Processing Power

Pioneering Women in Computing Receive Recognition.

Why has the number of Japanese visitors to Abruzzo doubled?

Abruzzo has garnered a strong and unexpected interest from Asian visitors, especially the Japanese.

Traditional and modern art in Qatar

Qatar is estimated to be the world's largest buyer in the art market, in terms of value.

Here’s why we eat cooked food

How a burner makes us socialized.

Republic of the networks

Web, politics and freedom. How the digital revolution is transforming the future of politics.

La bella storia italiana di Steve Jobs

Tra Mario Bellini e Elserino Piol (testimoni Busa, Chung e Perotto).

Pratica della svalutazione

Analisi e conseguenze del giro dell’orso.

Città intelligente come una cucina

L’energia in Italia è “rara”, pertanto richiede attenzioni speciali.

L’energia in città? Sostenibile ma con streaming

Tokyo, città con giardino nucleare

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The Tiger's Dream

An exhibition delves into the life and times of Tipu Sultan, the South Indian ruler, statesman, and patron.

Made in Naples

A city undeniably industrious.

Mathaf: arab museum of modern art

Mathaf museum hosts exhibitions, programs and events in Doha, Qatar.


From April 15, 2015.The largest exhibition dedicated to Leonardo ever organized in Italy.