The great challenge of the Arab Transport

The transport game between Italy and the East couldn't be more interesting.

Middle East-Europe: challenges for the metal industry

A METEF 2014 Conference, dedicated to the interchange between Europe and the Middle East. June 13, 2014, 9.30, Fiera di Verona.

International Landscape and Green Business Day

April 4, 2014 9:30 am, Aula Rogers, Via Ampère 2, Politecnico di Milano – Campus Leonardo.

Is Italy missing out?

GCC sovereign funds encourage internationalization, the time come for Italy to truly start 'thinking global'.

Arabal 2013: a successful Euro-Arab alliance achieved

A strategic alliance between Europe and the Arab Nations for world aluminium.

The Giants of Arabia and the Shale Gas Frontier

Conversation with Paolo Ghirelli, Chairman and CEO of Bonatti.

The East. Impossible Explanations

The 'elsewhere' of our lives.

Do you know what a Curtain Wall or Mur Rideau is?

The UniCredit Towers are the pinnacles of the Italian Curtain Wall.

A Japanese book boosts Italian tourism

«Because visiting Abruzzo means embarking on a journey into the soul of Italy».

Why the Grand Hotel is Arab Today

Today the Grand Hotel is Arab and is an international standard of luxury hospitality in different forms and for different reasons.

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From April 15, 2015.The largest exhibition dedicated to Leonardo ever organized in Italy.

FuoriSalone preview: Salamanca Design “PURE” Event

At Galleria Pack, Foro Bonaparte, 60, From 10.00 am to 9.00 pm.

FuoriSalone preview: Milano Design Plaza

At “GOOODESIGN UP, Cascina Cuccagna”.

Brescia pulls in front in the race to prepare for EXPO 2015

Aegis has won the tender for the construction of all non-exhibition pavilions.