From East to West

A Cortina hotelier brings sought-after Royal visitors from the East to the jewel of the Italian Alps.

Automotive, market of the future for metals producers

The rise of component manufacturing, by Francesca Bruni

3D Printing: technologies and opportunity

A new frontier that’s destined to change manufacturing firms’ production processes, by Giancarlo Magnaghi.

Green Learning: Mastering Landscape and Garden Planning and Conservation

The Minoprio Foundation and the Politecnico di Milano are offering a Masters program in garden and landscape planning and conservation.

Saudi Arabia's first female Editor-in-Chief makes a crack in the glass ceiling

Somayya Jabarti becomes the first female the Editor-in-Chief of the Saudi Gazette.

The Sunni revival

A panorama of current trends in Islam, by Francesca Bruni.

Alessandro Valignano and the diplomatic case

Reading some passages from “Cerimoniale”.

Doing Business with Italy? First Visit the Market in Person

There are so many investment opportunities, but they have to be discovered on site, as one of the emerging investors on the new Emirate financial scene suggests.

Upward Mobility

The October issue of the Qatar Financial Center Authority's journal: "Quantum. Finance in Perspective" features an article dedicated to Milan.

Small museums that form networks: a roadmap to success

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From Cattolica to San Francisco

UMPI, a leading Italian company in the powerline sector, marks its arrival in the United States.

The Tiger's Dream

An exhibition delves into the life and times of Tipu Sultan, the South Indian ruler, statesman, and patron.

Made in Naples

A city undeniably industrious.

Mathaf: arab museum of modern art

Mathaf museum hosts exhibitions, programs and events in Doha, Qatar.