The Art Valley project was launched in 2000. An inaugural international conference 'Art Valley. The Marketplaces of Art' ("Art Valley. I marketplace dell'arte"), was held in November 2000 in the Palazzo Vecchio's Salone dei Cinquecento and at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

Many other events were widely supported and well received, underlining in the process the enthusiastic recognition of Art Valley's novel approach to the intersections bewteen Art, culture, digital technologies and finance. Novel though it may be Art Valley believes that it is simply developing a series of relationships first remarked upon during the Renaissance. Today, thanks to digital revolution, the close relationship between Art, science and mathematics can be re-explored in ways that make marketing (or the 'art of marketing') something of cultural and even historical significance.

Art Valley is a unique organization that carries out projects, exchange platforms and international forums for the promotion of specific cultural and geopolitical aspects. As its principal activity, Art Valley organizes meetings of exchange and sponsors publishing projects regarding contemporary themes (intelligent technologies, new design and materials, new business sectors), aimed at promoting an experiential crossroads.

The aim of the Art Valley programme is to recognise the Italian and the European intellectual capital as valuable assets that could be further and better exploited by a fertile exchange between art, culture, industry and technology.
The importance and relevance of cultural or intellectual capital has never been doubted, and it has become a flourishing sector. Businesses specialising in the marketing, the digital re-production, and the warehousing of public and private works of art have sprung up in many European cities, but as a result of this vibrant activity it is even more vital to question how art heritage, conservation, multimedia resources, arts on-line, and the financial sector can be integrated to the benefit of all. Italy now stands as a major contributor to this debate.

ART VALLEY ASSOCIATION: Art Valley became a not-for-profit organisation in 2002. Membership of Art Valley Association places your business in the centre of a network of like-minded companies dedicated to sharing experiences, services and information in the field of 'art business'.

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