Rohani. The match between Italy and Qatar

The big match between Italy and Qatar is intensifying and the live statement made by Remy Rohani – General Director of Qatar’s Chamber of Commerce – proves it.

The great challenge of the Arab Transport

The transport game between Italy and the East couldn't be more interesting.

Middle East-Europe: challenges for the metal industry

A METEF 2014 Conference, dedicated to the interchange between Europe and the Middle East. June 13, 2014, 9.30, Fiera di Verona.

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From East to West

A Cortina hotelier brings sought-after Royal visitors from the East to the jewel of the Italian Alps.

Automotive, market of the future for metals producers

The rise of component manufacturing, by Francesca Bruni

3D Printing: technologies and opportunity

A new frontier that’s destined to change manufacturing firms’ production processes, by Giancarlo Magnaghi.

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Documenti e pubblicazioni

Alessandro Valignano. Un jesuite au Japon

L'édition française de la biographie de Alessandro Valignano.

Il Visitatore

Un libro per comunicare oggi con la Cina, con il Giappone, con l'Asia intera.


A new concept of city, whose infrastucture becomes a technological platform.
Umpi Group and Art Valley have promoted complex research on smart cities. This research has become a book.

Le città intelligenti

Scrivendo un manuale di citymatica per amministratori lungimiranti e cittadini esigenti.

La mappa del Futurismo in Lombardia

Una vera e propria ‘mappa’ che mostra il percorso straordinario compiuto dal rivoluzionario movimento artistico in Lombardia.


From Cattolica to San Francisco

UMPI, a leading Italian company in the powerline sector, marks its arrival in the United States.

The Tiger's Dream

An exhibition delves into the life and times of Tipu Sultan, the South Indian ruler, statesman, and patron.

Made in Naples

A city undeniably industrious.

Mathaf: arab museum of modern art

Mathaf museum hosts exhibitions, programs and events in Doha, Qatar.