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Forum Valignano 2016-2020

It’s India’s phase: with the economy growing at a rate of over 7%, the most significant result in the world’s major countries, India has become the “locomotive” of Asia.

Rapidly growing foreign investment, while the Modi government is playing its top cards with the “Make in India” campaign in order to attract new manufacturing capacity and expand the market.

And from Italy large and small companies are moving…

Forum Valignano 2014-2016

ArtValley has launched an extended Mission in the MENA (Middle East-North Africa) area, dedicated to culture, the intellect and meetings of exchange regarding contemporary themes (intelligent technologies, new design and materials, new business sectors), aimed at promoting an experiential crossroads.

In this area (Gulf-Med, Mena Region) a transformation is underway involving the Arabic-speaking countries. More than confrontation – The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, theorized by Huntington, or the globalization that Fukuyama imposes in The End of History – the prospect is of an unprecedented integration, an unheard of integration of profiles.

The battle is a diplomatic and cultural one; it is a battle in which no quarter is given because it has no intellectual limitations. With some countries of the Arab League we have worked towards an effective plan of experiential exchange, involving universities, foundations, academies, minorities, clubs and cultural movements.

Thirty years ago for the endeavor of word science, ciphermatics, the Eastern countries were not a limited goal. For all of the seeming impossibility of transposition or translation: Japan, India and China were not exemplifications of the untranslatable. Nor are the Arab countries today, from whence are coming innovative messages, cultural processes and scientific research: authentic contributions to civilization.

Forum Valignano 2013

In the context of the exchange between the State of Qatar and Italy, the organization ArtValley has launched a Mission in Qatar, recognizing its importance as an irreplaceable hub amongst the Arab nations and in particular those of the Gulf Area.

In Qatar we are promoting a Mission dedicated to the linguistic/cultural comparison and pragmatic meeting, in the XVI and XVII centuries, between Arabic culture and the Milan Renaissance Civil Laboratory where, among others, the genius of Leonardo da Vinci was working.

Forum Valignano 2012 is an exchange platform with Asia. In 2012 the focus was on Japan and China.It is a cultural project for the promotion of specific historical and geopolitical aspects of Alessandro Valignano’s activity, to show the value of his example and works, both in Italy and worldwide. It is a network for guiding exchanges between Japan, China, and Italy, aimed at providing specific information about intellectual resources – and, therefore, business resources – supporting interchange between these countries.It is a context of referenced studies on the Renaissance, aimed at profiling a topology of functions and missions towards Asia that have been active since the Renaissance and still influence today’s methods and exchanges.It is a production of content, advice and training for operators, enabling the start-up of new projects, actions and business representative agencies.

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